January 25, 2020
April 1, 2020


As a child, I suffered from a lot of challenges. From third-degree burn to stammering. From low self-esteem to depression (The list is endless). I was so unhappy and never saw any reason to be alive but funny enough, I never had the courage to end my life so I always prayed to God to do it Himself.

Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks and months passed but I was still alive, I was still breathing. Like really?!

Years later, I started learning how to love myself genuinely and stop seeking validation from people. I fell in love with reading and watching documentaries about the most outstanding, successful, courageous and influential people in the world.

They all embodied different attributes but one thing they had in common was “a story”

Most, if not all, of them didn’t have it easy AT ALL.! But they kept working, believing and pushing themselves beyond limits because at the end of the day, you can never know the outcome if you don’t try, right?

Today is my 23rd birthday and I want to use this special day to say a word or two; hoping someone gets inspired to never give up. My life is far from perfect and I don’t have everything figured out yet but I keep wondering to myself, “what if I had thrown in the towel?”

Despite the fact that I still have a long way to go, I am grateful for how far I have come. I am grateful for the lives that have been touched through me. I am grateful for the strength and courage to keep fighting and trusting, even when it doesn’t make sense. I am grateful for the ability to believe even when my eyes can’t see. I am grateful for privilege.

I also want to express my sincere gratitude and love to all those who keep encouraging me to fight and hang in there, those who pray for me and reassure me, those who sincerely root for me and hold me up.

I am grateful for those who put their lives out there so we can draw strength and inspiration from their stories. Those who show up for us even when they feel down and discouraged.

I call you blood, family, friends, confidants, mentors, well-wishers, supporters, icons, legends, colleagues etc. There’s no me without you literally! You are Heaven sent.

I would like to encourage someone out there:

Always remember that you are here for a reason. Everyday is a new opportunity so make it count.

The choice is yours to see a stumbling block or a stepping stone in a situation. No one can do you like you. Never let anyone tell you who you are or should be. That’s your choice to make

And yes, we live in a world where there is so much pressure to do “great things.” Don’t let that pressure swallow you up. Remember that we all have our individual paths. We are all different in beautiful ways. Don’t let the world tell you what success is or should be. You should do that for yourself. The goal should be true happiness and fulfillment of purpose.

Live by your own terms and give yourself a chance. It is very okay to take breaks, change plans or even start afresh but remember that giving up is not an option. You can and you will!

Don’t let the world break you. Stand firm and stay strong. Have courage and be good to people. Spread love because it makes the world a better place.

You got this; I promise!

Yours In Power,

Wadi Ben-Hirki


  1. Wadi Ben Hirki Fatima Gaila says:

    Happy birthday sister!! I am so proud of the lady you have become.. I pray for more of God’s blessings and guidance upon your life.. much love fatiti

  2. Wadi Ben Hirki Nosakhare says:

    You inspire me each day. Happy birthday superwoman

  3. Wadi Ben Hirki Jennifer says:

    You’ve always been a fighter!!! Keep being phenomenal

  4. Wadi Ben Hirki Omo says:

    Happy birthday Wadi. I want to call you big sis from now on…… you’re such an inspiration!!!. I pray for more Grace and blessings upon your life.❤️ I want you to know that you’re a winner!!!

  5. Wadi Ben Hirki Hawa Ben Hirki says:

    Yes! Fighting we must..till we reach the end of the rope! You got the ability to stand strong because God’s got your back my girl! Push harder!

  6. Wadi Ben Hirki Andrew Okopi says:

    I really appreciate your helpful and motivating nature. You are an excellent Lady with a Generous Heart. I wish you happiness and success in whatever you do! God bless your family for me Dear

  7. Wadi Ben Hirki Bellaro says:

    This is so genuine, thought-provoking, encouraging and shows so much strength and the journey that has made you who you are today ❤🙏🏾
    I thank God for you, WADI🙌🏾
    Thank you for choosing love and for working hard on yourself, for believing in your unique beauty and self. It has opened the door for so many people including myself to choose to believe that I too am special and have something to offer the world.
    Thank you for sharing your 23rd birthday with us my love. May 2020 bring you to greater heights! May it continue to open doors that you never imagined walking in to. I love you, I root for you, I’m so happy to see your light shine BRIGHTER the longer I get to know you💫❤🎂💐🤗😘

    • Wadi Ben Hirki says:

      Bella my darling! I also really thank God for you! You are such a special friend and sister and I love you very much! I say AMEN to all your prayers for me! 😀 Thank you for all your kind words and encouragement
      Love you my girl
      Remain blessed <3 🙂

  8. Wadi Ben Hirki anuoluwa says:

    glad i met someone like you happy birthday in areas, set the world ablaze with your dreams and use its flame to light a birthday cake candle

  9. Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂

  10. Wadi Ben Hirki Charles says:

    Glory be to God.

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