Africa is an ever-growing continent comprising of different nations, tribes, religions, traditions and political systems. We continue to seek for change everywhere else but where it actually lies – within us. A
I write with so much pain in my heart! I can’t begin to describe it – pain – yet in the midst of scribbling just that part, I somehow found
I could talk about the works of Your hands, how perfectly You planned them. If every song sang on earth was an anthem to lift you up, they wouldn’t be
I’ve always wondered, “Is world peace possible?” Seeing and hearing about many incidences of violence and threats to peace around the world breaks my heart! Thousands of people lose their
Prior to the International Women’s Day 2019, ONE campaign collaborated with 40 activists (11 spokeswomen) from 11 African countries to come up with an open letter directed to world leaders.
Wadi Ben-Hirki Y20 Summit 2018 Argentina 8
In 2018, I was given the opportunity to attend the Y20 Summit as a special guest on education & skills for the 21st century. The special guests were taken on