December 31, 2019
January 29, 2020


If politics today is proving anything, it is that young people need a better platform to share their opinions and ideas. In order to create a better and more sustainable world, it is imperative to include young people in discussions and action plans. Young people make up a high percentage of the world’s population hence, we matter and our presence needs to be felt.


In 2018, Chatham House, supported by the Robert Bosch Stiftung developed an initiative called “Common Futures Conversations” (CFC) to “deliver innovative ways for young people in Africa and Europe to engage with politics and develop their perspectives on key global challenges like climate change, conflict or inequality.”

In order to measure great impact and success, 13 countries in Africa and Europe were selected to kick-start the project. The Chatham House then made a call for applications which was open to young people from the selected countries to serve as “Country Representatives.” After different phases of selection, 27 young people emerged as the Country Representatives for the Common Futures Conversations initiative.

London workshop

In December 2018, we traveled to London for our first workshop so as to better understand the project, our roles and the end goal(s) among other important things. At the workshop, we had the opportunity to talk, brainstorm and come up with many ideas. We also got the chance to talk about our expectations, reasons why we applied for the role and what we looked forward to seeing during the process and at the end of the project.

The London workshop was followed by a survey which was created to know the general thoughts and mindsets of young people in Africa and Europe regarding the most pressing challenges (socio-economic, political etc), their priorities, their asks and their hopes etc.

After receiving and processing the survey responses gotten from thousands of African and European youths, we met in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to discuss the results and how they would help us in designing the CFC platform

Addis Ababa workshop

Our last meeting was held in Accra, Ghana. The meeting was held to give finishing touches to all we had worked on and co-created for almost a year. We were pleased with all we had discussed and our action plans. We were very excited about the platform and were positive about the positive difference the platform would make in the lives of thousands of young people who will, finally, get to be a part of something great!

Accra workshop

It is with so much excitement that I announce to you that, the Common Futures Conversations platform has been launched!!!

So, what exactly is the platform for?

It is simply a safe space where “young people will be able to engage with experts, discuss their experiences with friends from across the two continents, and share their ideas with high-level politicians and policymakers. The project will provide young people with a ‘seat at the table’ in major policy discussions.” – Chatham House

To get started, apply here ➡️


  1. Wadi Ben Hirki Osato El Osemwingie says:

    I so much love your passion towards fighting for what you believe in and making the world a better place for women and girls.
    Thank you for sharing this opportunity, from our few moments shared together , I love that you want people around you to succeed. You are truly a big source of motivation to me mama♥️♥️. Love you so much Shero!!

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