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August 9, 2019
October 10, 2019

Inside the pages…

Hey there! What crossed your mind when you read the title “Inside the pages…?”

I was a passionate reader as a young girl. I loved to read dictionaries and learn about words and their meanings. I loved to read about places around the world. I also really loved reading about influential and successful people. I believed that I could learn from them even if I never got the chance to meet them.

Fast forward… I don’t regret all the time I spent reading about places, innovations and people. They have helped to mold me and have made me believe in many possibilities – your dream/ wish is someone’s reality. I know more than I would have ever known, thanks to the books I have access to.

“Readers are Leaders” is one of the popular sayings which I strongly believe in hence, I’m really curious to know which book and what about the book has transformed your life?


  1. Wadi Ben Hirki Fausiat says:

    I just finished reading Lola Shoneyin’s novel. Secret lives of Baba Segi’s wives. Loaded book written by a Nigerian. You will be proud. Have a lot of lesson in it. Almost every strata of life was discussed in the most captivating way. Lovely book.

  2. Wadi Ben Hirki Dr Ibrahim Banaru says:

    Reminds me of days early high school when I started reading news papers ‘let’s see what’s inside the pages’…
    “The Executive’s compass” is yea a compass

  3. Wadi Ben Hirki Al amin says:

    “A thousand splendid suns” it opened my eyes and mind to the plight of women in the society, Child marriages,war, amidst alot. Its a must read

  4. Wadi Ben Hirki Anna says:

    I had to pause and think of a book. This may sound cliche but The Bible… No other book has touched my life more than that. All the books I’ve read were nice but the Bible keeps changing my life everyday.

  5. Wadi Ben Hirki Godiya says:

    Reading is one of my hobby! I strongly agree with the phrase “leaders are readers” this made me remember my number one mentor when it comes to leadership (John Maxwell). I have a number of books which transformed my life, (the ultimate is Bible) but the first book written by man that transformed my life was a book written by “Myles Munroe” titled “The principles and power of vision”, the book was an eye opener to me, in discovering what purpose is, my potentials etc. The book spoke a lot about vision and that accelerated mediocrity mindset in me to an excellence mindset.

  6. Wadi Ben Hirki Benedicta Uweru says:

    Thank you for sharing, I agree with you. All the books I’ve read have moulded me in one way or the other. Growing up I used to read a lot of novels (Nigerian) and Christian books (Hagin’s, Juanita Bynum’s etc) and the values they’ve built into me are amazing.
    Recently I read “the Richest Man in Babylon”.

  7. Wadi Ben Hirki Gideon Pam says:

    It is 100% true that Readers are Leaders. Reading has actually change my perspective of life. The way I see things now is not the way I used to see things before. How I wish the world(people) will know the secret of reading then I guess this world would have been a better place. It is sad to hear from some people that whenever you want to hide some secrets from an African Man then you should write it in a book. Meaning we (Africans) don’t have the spirit of reading. The most recent book I have read is “THE NEXT AFRICA”.

  8. Try “Bridge to Haven” by Francine Rivers or “Redeeming Love”. It’s been 2years and 4years respectively, since I read those novels and I still can’t get off the transformation

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