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August 23, 2019
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November 18, 2019


It’s been forever since young girls and women were sexually harassed and forced to remain silent. Any attempt to speak up would mean you are ready to put yourself… and family on the line.

For many years, so many young girls and women have lived in fear, pain and hurt. We’ve been made to believe that we are not in control of our choices; even our bodies. From gaining admission into school to getting promoted to a new level.

The society asks, “Why are you even complaining? It has always been this way!”

Who do we turn to when some of the people meant to protect us are part of the people harming us? Where should we run to when nowhere is safe? Who can help uplift our spirits when most, if not all, of us are broken in one way or another?

We pleaded yet you refused to hear us out. We cried yet you had no mercy.

Guess what? NOT ANYMORE!

We remained quiet because we feared no one would believe us. Not anymore!

We accepted your offer because we believed had no other choice. Not anymore!

You took advantage of us because we feared we would fail or not get the job. Not anymore!

We attempted suicide while you continued to molest our friends, sisters and colleagues. Not anymore!

You have sexually assaulted many of us yet you went scot free. Not anymore!

We will no longer wait for a savior; we are our savior! We won’t let injustice win. We won’t let the tears and blood of those who have lost their lives go to waste. We refuse to accept defeat. We refuse to accept whatever society tells us. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

We will no longer “mind our business” when we see or hear of someone being victimized. We will fight for her because she matters. We will fight for her because she is one of us. We will fight for her because none of us are safe until all of us are safe. Above all, we will fight for her because she deserves to be fought for


We definitely inherited our mothers’ curves, beauty and strength. But one thing we did not inherit is their silence!


  1. Wadi Ben Hirki Fausiat says:

    We definitely did not inherit their silence…. Not anymore should we let bygones be bygones even when we have been raped. Raped physically and emotionally.. It is time to speak out even when the other gender is not comfortable about it!!

    Great Post Wadi

  2. Wadi Ben Hirki Esther says:

    We definitely inherited our mother’s curves but not their silence….well said Wadi!!

  3. Wadi Ben Hirki Emmanuel Adebanjo says:

    Great post dear. This needs to be heard

  4. Wadi Ben Hirki Japari says:

    Yes! Love this piece! Not anymore! We will definitely not be silent!

  5. Wadi Ben Hirki Edidiong Nkanta says:

    There remains what seems like an impenetrable wall of silence around violence and we must all play a role in breaking this silence. Together we can say no to sexual harassment!

  6. Wadi Ben Hirki Melanie says:

    This is powerful, Wadi. The generation of silence is over!

  7. Wadi Ben Hirki Hawa Ben Hirki says:

    Not Anymore my girl! Speak out! Shout it! Cry Out!

  8. Wadi Ben Hirki Tinuola says:

    If we can all come together to agree to this, we shall concur this war.

  9. Wadi Ben Hirki Ella says:

    Yes their curves but not their silence… Wadi We are privileged to have you. Thank you

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